• Artists for Conservation Foundation - a non-profit, international organization dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world.
  • Black Earth Institute - a progressive think-tank dedicated to re-forging the links between art and spirit, earth and society. They encourage awareness of the arts as a means of promoting a progressive, inclusive spirituality and an environmentally aware society.
  • Ecopress - Holistic interior designs, a green source for design inspiration
  • EcoSalon - 20 unforgettable works of environmental art
  • Environmental Art - a site dedicated to highlighting artists' work supporting environmental causes and educating the public through the creation of unique, visceral and reactive works.
  • Green Museum - An online museum emerged from personal experiences making environmental art and from seeing firsthand some of the challenges facing artists, community groups, nonprofit organizations and arts institutions when it came to presenting and discussing environmental art.
  • Nature in Art - the world's first museum dedicated exclusively to fine, decorative and applied art inspired by nature.
  • Nature Photographers - the official website of the Nature Photographer's Network, an international cooperative network of amateur and professional photographers dedicated to the art and technique of nature, wildlife and landscape photography.
  • The Environmental Art Program at The Schuylkill Center - incites curiosity and sparks awareness for the natural environment through art , and works collaboratively to create exhibitions of the highest quality that attract, educate and inspire the public.
  • The Great Globe Gallery on the World Wide Web - This is collection of different views of the Globe.
  • The Well - Launched in 1985 as the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, provides a watering hole for some articulate and playful thinkers from all walks of life.
  • Tree Hugger - leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Partial to a modern aesthetic, they strive to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information.
  • Women's Environmental Artists Directory - Focusing on women’s unique perspectives they collaborate internationally to further the field and understanding of ecological and social justice art.

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