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  • 15 Crafts Using Recycled Materials - Before you throw away that old pair of jeans or toss your plastic bags, consider the amount of crafts you can make out of these recyclable materials.
  • A Child's Dream - Natural crafts, towy and more to nurture the child's sense for life and imagination.
  • Art Terro - Eco Art for Kids - We want to make it easier for people to bring art into their lives. Artterro kits are for kids, families, seasoned artists and novices alike. We’ve done the sourcing and shopping, helping busy people bring a creative, meaningful activity home to their families.
  • Bears, Bunnies and Country Crafts - Natural wood products and naturally dried floral craft items.
  • Bloomin' Flower Cards - Bloomin' Flower Cards manufactures hand-crafted note cards. THEY GROW! Seeds are embedded in the handmade paper!
  • Blue Sky Alpacas - features the naturally produced and dyed wool of alpacas, patterns for alpaca wool garments and tips and tricks for knitters and crocheters.
  • Canadian Aboriginal Arts & Communication Business Studio - Aboriginal people are traditionally inclined to express themselves through images and stories. Through The CAAC Business Studio, participants will be provided an avenue to draw upon their natural interests and talents to build skills and future employment/entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Crafting a Green World - features everything from eco-patterns, supplies, and creators to book reviews and event and sale notices. Crafting a Green World (CAGW) is your number one resource for organic, natural, and recycled crafty projects, products, media, and businesses.
  • David Brownstead Designs - We create fine art images on 100% Tree Free paper from the kenaf plant including note cards, bookmarks, gift baskets.
  • Ecogreen Crafts - A business venture with a mission to protect workers, artists, crafters, and kids from the potentially harmful effects of dangerous chemicals and materials often found in everyday arts supplies.
  • Free Nature Crafts - over 100 projects using natural materials such as plants, herbs, rocks, twigs, mosses, vines, flowers, potpourri, feathers, pine cones, gourds and seashells. Whether you are hiking, camping, or rambling, keep an eye open for free materials for nature arts and crafts.
  • Kids Going Green - Living a green lifestyle shows your kids how to live in harmony with nature and themselves, thus when they will grow up they will make an impact on this world and contribute for creating a green planet.
  • National Museum of the American Indian - The sixteenth museum of the Smithsonian Institution, it is the first national museum dedicated to the preservation, study, and exhibition of the life, languages, literature, history, and arts of Native Americans.
  • Natural Family Crafts - Site dedicated to natural crafts for children using Waldorf methodology.
  • Natural Life Magazine - Thirty-five years of leading-edge, inspiring articles about green family living.
  • Nova Natural Toys and Crafts - Their mission is to provide natural toys and crafts that encourage every child's individual and beautiful spirit to flourish.
  • The Otter Side - Fine nature gifts - Produces and markets fine gifts and products featuring birds ... images based on over 35 years of our own nature photography
  • Rustic Crafts - Your source for all craft and DIY projects involving natural supplies or recyclable material.
  • SCRAP Scroungers' Center for Re-Usable Art Parts - SCRAP ( Scroungers' Center for Re-Usable Art Parts)
  • Tout Quarry Sculpture Park Portland England - Tout provides Sculptors with both workshop and exhibition space within natural quarry environment.
  • Turquoise Traders - provide a wide selection of Turquoise jewelry and other Turquoise products at competitive prices.

Santa Barbara

Discover the city of Santa Barbara, California, the birthplace of Earth Day. A 1969 oil platform blowout off the coast of Santa Barbara led to a wave of environmental laws nationwide. That gave impetus to what we consider now the cornerstones to the modern environmental movement. A year later, the first Earth Day was held followed by the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. A succession of other laws protecting water, marine life and endangered species followed.

Clean Harbors

Solving tough problems through innovation and proven methodology. For more than 35 years, Clean Harbors has been providing comprehensive hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services to meet the needs of customers throughout North America. Clean Harbors leverages its specialized equipment, expertise, responsiveness and disposal assets across North America to provide turnkey Industrial and Field Services to our customers. Clean Harbors Oil, Gas and Lodging Services provide safe and effective practices and techniques to handle your oil and gas industry needs.

Global Environmental Services Ltd.

GES, Global Environmental Services Ltd. Is a full-service environmental firm specializing in the integrated water and wastewater management, including waste management, cleaner production and bioremediation, is your first address and single source for all your water and environmental needs. GES, specialized in planning, design, installation of water, waste and wastewater treatment facilities, Swimming pools & Renewable Energy, The company engages in the desalination of seawater and brackish water, natural, conventional and advanced wastewater treatment technologies, biosolids stabilization and effluent reclamation, application of special chemicals for water purification, operation and maintenance of landfills, water and wastewater treatment systems.