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  • 3D Wall Panels - Leading manufacturer from China offers 3d wall panels, textured 3d wall panels, sculptured 3d wall panels for interior.
  • Aeolian Enterprises, Inc. Home Page - Aeolian Enterprises, Inc. makes hollow profile plastic lumber from recycled HDPE milk bottles
  • Astro-Foil Reflective Insulation - Market non-toxic, non-carconigenic building insulation
  • Building Materials, IAQ and Human Health - Research and marketing firm, exclusively non-toxic/environmental building materials.
  • Building REsources - Building REsources sells used building supplies in San Francisco.
  • Coatings in the USA - Coating.us informs about solutions and technology in the field of coatings in the USA. Our mission is "Connecting the world of coatings online". If you have any questions about coatings or looking for a price quote for your project please feel free to contact us.
  • Deckgrates - Decking for walkways over marshland and sand dunes, made from recycled material.
  • domotecK Home Page - WarmTouch radiant floor system can be installed under tile, marble, stone, vinyl, laminated hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpets. Our towel warmers and fog-free mirror backings add luxurious comfort and warmth
  • Ecomat Solid Waste Recycling - Process to convert solid wastes: fly ash, red mud, plastics, fibers, to strong building products.
  • Energy Federation Incorporated - Energy Federation Incorporated (EFI) facilitates people's access to effective resource conservation technologies.
  • The Habitat Re-Store - Non-profit used building materials thrift store which offers a reclamation service. Winner of environmental awards
  • Happy Harry's Used Building Materials - Retail Recycling Stores\syndicated recycling column
  • Infiltec Blower Door and Radon Mitigation Catalog - Manufactures tools for building airtight houses, and distributes radon mitigation products.
  • Insulation - Knauf Insulation is the only UK manufacturer of glass mineral wool, rock mineral wool and extruded polystyrene insulation products, giving an unrivalled range for building, H&V, process and appliance insulation, as well as fabrication applications. Knauf Insulation deliver insulation material that guarantees to save energy and cost.
  • Oikos: Green Building Source - Database of more than 1,500 companies that make energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products.
  • One Point Partitions - LEED Environmentally Friendly Commercial Bathroom Partitions - We are an online and local retailer of commercial bathroom partitions, toilet stall dividers and quality restroom accessories. The majority of our partition products are made using post-consumer metals, woods and plastics to reduce their environmental impact. Our products comply with LEED standards and are the environmentally friendly partition option.
  • Recticel Flexible Foams - Looking for Flexible polyurethane Foam Products? Recticel, World's largest flexible polyurethane (PU) foam manufacturer and supplier!
  • Reflective Bubble Foil Insulation - Online supplier of radiant barrier and reflective bubble foil insulation products. Foil insulation is used in a variety of application including metal and steel buildings, pole barns, attics, and HVAC insulation. Reflective insulation is a recyclable product that reflects 95% of radiant heat.
  • Reflective Technologies Home page - A supplier of Energy efficient building and insulation materials. Aluminum reflective foil products for the residential and commercial building industries.
  • Remanufactured Hardwoods of Texas - Reclaiming and reusing antique hardwood flooring and architectural items-remanufactured trim-winner of environmental awards
  • Renew Resources - We sell a building products that replaces wood in the building field. Our products are made of 100% recycled plastic and will out preform wood
  • Roofing Company - We are a roofing company located in Groton, Connecticut. We offer a variety of construction services for commercial and residential properties.
  • Steel Building Guides - Leading resource on steel and metal buildings that includes buying guides, in-depth articles, and engineering calculators.
  • Trudoor - Commercial Doors - Distributor of energy efficient insulated hollow metal doors and many products that meet green building initiatives. Commercial metal doors are made from recycled steel and wood doors are made by LEED certified manufacturers.
  • Weather-Bos: Environmentally Safe Paints and Stains - Environmentally-safe stains, finishes, and paints providing protection, water-proofing and restoration for all wood.
  • Weather Bos International - Manufacturer of environmentally safe non toxic stains finishes paints preservatives and coatings available throughout the global market.
  • Woodcraft, Veneer wrapped mouldings as a means of conservation - Custom profile wrapped mouldings using wood veneer and recycled lumber. Woodcraft manufactures veneer wrapped mouldings as an alternative to soid lumber as a means of preserving our lumber resources as well as a cost savings to our customers.
  • Woods of the World - Tree Talk Inc. is a small non-profit educational company that publishes an interactive multimedia CD-ROM wood encyclopedia with 900 species

Santa Barbara

Discover the city of Santa Barbara, California, the birthplace of Earth Day. A 1969 oil platform blowout off the coast of Santa Barbara led to a wave of environmental laws nationwide. That gave impetus to what we consider now the cornerstones to the modern environmental movement. A year later, the first Earth Day was held followed by the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. A succession of other laws protecting water, marine life and endangered species followed.

Global Environmental Services Ltd.

GES, Global Environmental Services Ltd. Is a full-service environmental firm specializing in the integrated water and wastewater management, including waste management, cleaner production and bioremediation, is your first address and single source for all your water and environmental needs. GES, specialized in planning, design, installation of water, waste and wastewater treatment facilities, Swimming pools & Renewable Energy, The company engages in the desalination of seawater and brackish water, natural, conventional and advanced wastewater treatment technologies, biosolids stabilization and effluent reclamation, application of special chemicals for water purification, operation and maintenance of landfills, water and wastewater treatment systems.

Clean Harbors

Solving tough problems through innovation and proven methodology. For more than 35 years, Clean Harbors has been providing comprehensive hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services to meet the needs of customers throughout North America. Clean Harbors leverages its specialized equipment, expertise, responsiveness and disposal assets across North America to provide turnkey Industrial and Field Services to our customers. Clean Harbors Oil, Gas and Lodging Services provide safe and effective practices and techniques to handle your oil and gas industry needs.