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  • Ajan Reginald - Ajan Reginald is the co-founder of Cell Therapy Ltd which specialises in the research and development of regenerative medicine.
  • BedsReview - The ultimate guide to choose a perfect mattress & pillow for your health. Unbiased reviews and point-to-point comparisons of sleep-related products. We are a team of members from all walks with a shared interest in sleeping better.
  • Alo House Recovery Centers - As part of Alo House Recovery Centers program, we provide hands on training for self-sustaining farming to recovering addicts and alcoholics. Alo also helps clients give back to the community by providing the harvest for sale at local farmers markets in Southern California.
  • Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs promotes and supports National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council accredited environmental health degree programs in response to a severe national environmental health professionals.
  • American Lung Association - Official Web Site of the American Lung Association - "When You Can't Breathe, Nothing Else Matters."
  • Basement Systems Mold Solutions - Basement Systems can help you eliminate mold, dust mites, and odors from your house.
  • CBD Oil Canada - Vitality Health CBD - Canada's #1 choice for premium quality CBD enhanced natural heath products. Third party lab certified for quality and potency.
  • Center for Disease Control - Environmental health topics
  • Center for Environmental Health has helped lead the growing, nationwide effort to protect people from toxic chemicals. We believe that chemical makers have no right to expose you to concoctions that affect your familyís health. Thatís why we work with parents, communities, businesses, workers, and government to protect children and families from toxic chemicals in our homes, workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods. Your familyís health should be in your hands alone.
  • Children's Environmental Health Network is a national multi-disciplinary organization whose mission is to protect the developing child from environmental health hazards and promote a healthier environment. To achieve this mission, the Network has had several goals: 1) to promote the development of sound public health and child-focused national policy. 2) to stimulate prevention-oriented research. 3) to educate health professionals, policy makers and community members in preventive strategies; and 4) to elevate public awareness of environmental hazards to children.
  • Diet Pill Resource - Premium resource for science based reviews of health supplements for dieting and weight loss
  • Dlife - Attracting over one million unique visitors each month, dLife.com is the leading online diabetes authority. Since its inception in 2004, dLife.com has become the premiere platform to inform, inspire, and connect with millions of diabetes patients, consumers, and caregivers, while addressing the challenges of both the daily management and episodic treatment of diabetes. For more information, visit dLife.com
  • ehicuk.com - Your holiday to Europe should be stress-free, so why should getting there be any different? This service lets you apply for your EHIC Card with no hassle
  • ehicuk.co.uk - This service provides you with an EHIC Card simply and swiftly, with no hidden payments, making that dream trip of yours around Europe a reality
  • Enviro-Health, Inc. provides a variety of cost effective professional consulting management support services and technical management in health research, environmental science, ergonomics, information and data management, occupational health/industrial hygiene and safety.
  • Environmental Health Coalition is dedicated to achieving environmental and social justice. We believe that justice is accomplished by empowered communities acting together to make social change. We organize and advocate to protect public health and the environment threatened by toxic pollution. EHC supports broad efforts that create a just society and fosters a healthy and sustainable quality of life.
  • Environmental Health Conference Ė Science and Policy to Protect Future Generations will provide a forum for the discussion of most recent scientific results on the interactions of the environment and human health. In a rapidly changing global environment the protection of future generations has become a major goal of national and international politics. Thus this conference will provide a place for translating scientific evidence into strategies to direct future research and policy action.
  • Environmental Health Fund (EHF) was founded to protect human health and the environment from toxic and dangerous chemicals. The goal of EHF was to transform the policies, regulations and practices that affect the entire lifecycle of toxic chemicals with the goal of achieving a healthier and more sustainable future in which these pollutants no longer contaminate our bodies, food, homes, communities, and the broader environment. EHF's history includes partnerships with other non-governmental organizations, governments, and visionary foundations to win chemical policy reforms, build strong networks for human health and planetary well-being, and design funding strategies that support a unified, sustainable movement for positive change.
  • Environmental Health Journal - Environmental Health publishes manuscripts on all aspects of environmental and occupational medicine and related studies in toxicology and epidemiology. Environmental Health is aimed at scientists and practitioners in all areas of environmental science where human health and well-being are involved, either directly or indirectly. Environmental Health is a public health journal serving the public health community and scientists working on matters of public health interest and importance pertaining to the environment.
  • Environmental Health News is a foundation-funded news organization that advances the publicís understanding of environmental health issues by reporting and publishing news stories and providing daily access to news from other media around the world. Articles by EHN journalists are published at EHN.org and provided to newspapers and other media. The content is under the control of Editor in Chief Marla Cone, an award-winning environmental journalist. EHN also offers timely, daily access to hundreds of articles on environmental health topics published each day in the world press, and its searchable archives date back to 2002. EHN is funded by foundations and does not accept funding from interest groups.
  • Environmental Health Perspectives - Institute of Environmental Health Sciences devoted to improvement and maintenance of health of individuals and the environment by research, prevention, and intervention strategies.
  • Environmental Health Sciences is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002 to increase public understanding of the scientific links between environmental factors and human health. EHS partners with two organizations, the Science Communication Network and Advancing Green Chemistry, to oversee the Science Communication Fellows program. Every year since 2007, the program hosts 10 outstanding researchers to develop the skills needed to present and communicate the complexities of environmental health to the public.
  • Environmental Health Trust educates individuals, health professionals and communities about controllable environmental health risks and policy changes needed to reduce those risks. Past multi-media projects include: local and national campaigns to ban smoking and asbestos, exploring what factors lie behind puzzlingly high rates of fibroid tumors, breast cancer and endometriosis in young African American women, and building environmental wellness programs in Wyoming and Pennsylvania to address the environmental impacts of energy development, the built environment and radon. Currently, EHT focuses on raising awareness on the negative impacts of unsafe cell phone use and performing cutting edge research on cell phone radiation.
  • european health card - You can apply for a European Health Insurance Card here. The European Health Insurance Card, or EHIC for short, is the replacement for the old E111 form. It is an essential travel document that allows you to receive medical treatment in any EEA country, including Switzerland, at a reduced cost or in some cases free. We offer standard and fast-track application services. A single application can include a main applicant, a partner and up to four children.
  • Food Menu Nutrition - Top Fast Food Menus and Nutrition Facts in the US - Browse popular fast food restaurants nearby in the US, find out restaurant locations, hours, menus, prices, nutrition facts, secret menus and happy hours. Make healthy fast food options!
  • Houston Migraine Treatment - The Migraine Relief Center is a facility offering holistic migraine treatment and prevention as well as surgical options for more severe conditions.
  • https://www.ehic-cards.org.uk - Apply for your European Health Insurance Card here. We offer standard and fast track application services and you have the options to make a first time application, make an EHIC renewal or apply to replace a lost or stolen card. Parents have the option to apply for their children using our services.
  • Joy Organics - Joy Organics is a premium provider of bulk CBD oils, powders and raw materials. Our products are gluten free, THC free and are third-party tested.
  • Medications Lichtenstein (Medications.li) - Medications Lichtenstein is a drug database and a discussion board for readers and users of FDA approved medications. Medications Lichtenstein is a database of FDA approved drugs that lets users discuss the medications
  • Seattle Asbestos a Testing Lead Paint XRF testing - Asbestos and Lead Paint testing in Seattle,WA area
  • Sportsfuel Supplements - Sportsfuel is an online sports supplement and health store. We provide top brand supplements for anyone interested in improving their health and energy levels.
  • UK EHIC Application Service UK Limited - Premium application service for the European Health Insurance Card.
  • University of Southern California - Department of Environmental Health Sciences - The USC's Department of Environmental Health Sciences covers four concentrations: Environmental Qaulity, Industrial Hygiene, Vector-Borne Diseases, and Hazardous Materials Management.
  • U.S. Geological Survey Environmental Health Science focuses on the interface between health and the environment, where interactions among people, the environment, and other living organisms affect the risk of toxicologic and infectious disease.
  • What is Chiropractic? - Whether you are looking for information on chiropractic care for general wellness or a chiropractor in your area, ChiroPatient is your resource for reliable chiropractic information. Visit ChiroPatient.com for information on all aspects of your spinal health and chiropractic care.
  • Wish Recovery Luxury Rehab & Detox - Wish Recovery Luxury Rehab & Detox offers a unique approach to personal recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, behavioural problems, substance misuse and co-occurring/dual diagnosis illnesses.
  • WISH RECOVERY Luxury Rehab & Detox - Wish Recovery is an upscale addiction treatment center, located in Northridge, California.
  • World Health Organization - Environmental health addresses all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a person, and all the related factors impacting behaviours. It encompasses the assessment and control of those environmental factors that can potentially affect health. It is targeted towards preventing disease and creating health-supportive environments. This definition excludes behaviour not related to environment, as well as behaviour related to the social and cultural environment, and genetics.

    American Academy of Environmental Medicine
    P.O. Box 16106
    Denver, CO 80216.

    Black Lung Assoc
    c/o Bill Bailey
    P.O. Box 872
    Craborchard, WV 25827

    Environmental Dental Association
    9974 Scripps Ranch Blvd, #36
    San Diego, CA 92131

    National Environmental Health Association
    720 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 970 South Tower
    Denver, CO 80222

    National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association
    Suite 380, 122 C Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20001

    Natural Hygiene, Inc.
    P.O. Box 2132
    Hunnington, CT 06484

    Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)
    4 Nickerson St.
    Seattle, WA 98109

    Society for Occupational and Environmentaql Health
    6728 Old McLean Village DRive
    McLean, VA 22101

Global Environmental Services Ltd.

GES, Global Environmental Services Ltd. Is a full-service environmental firm specializing in the integrated water and wastewater management, including waste management, cleaner production and bioremediation, is your first address and single source for all your water and environmental needs. GES, specialized in planning, design, installation of water, waste and wastewater treatment facilities, Swimming pools & Renewable Energy, The company engages in the desalination of seawater and brackish water, natural, conventional and advanced wastewater treatment technologies, biosolids stabilization and effluent reclamation, application of special chemicals for water purification, operation and maintenance of landfills, water and wastewater treatment systems.

Clean Harbors

Solving tough problems through innovation and proven methodology. For more than 35 years, Clean Harbors has been providing comprehensive hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services to meet the needs of customers throughout North America. Clean Harbors leverages its specialized equipment, expertise, responsiveness and disposal assets across North America to provide turnkey Industrial and Field Services to our customers. Clean Harbors Oil, Gas and Lodging Services provide safe and effective practices and techniques to handle your oil and gas industry needs.

Santa Barbara

Discover the city of Santa Barbara, California, the birthplace of Earth Day. A 1969 oil platform blowout off the coast of Santa Barbara led to a wave of environmental laws nationwide. That gave impetus to what we consider now the cornerstones to the modern environmental movement. A year later, the first Earth Day was held followed by the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. A succession of other laws protecting water, marine life and endangered species followed.