• BC Spaces for Nature - Works to protect wilderness in British Columbia and carries out World Wildlife Fund's (Canada) Endangered Spaces Campaign in BC.
  • Community Landcare South Australia - This site documents natural resource management activities and projects conducted by community groups involved in Landcare in South Australia
  • Electronic Drummer - The Thoreau Institute's research and educational programs are dedicated to Henry David Thoreau's twin principles of preservation and small government.
  • Michigan Natural Areas Council - MNAC is an advisory and educational membership organization that seeks to preserve natural areas of special scenic and scientific value.
  • Natural Heritage Institute - Non-profit law and consulting in natural resources management and conservation.
  • Natural Resources Defense Council features the latest environmental news from Capitol Hill, plus information everyone should have on the state of our air, water, land and health.
  • Natural Resources Development Centre - Trinity College, Ireland - The NRDC is concerned with the use of GIS, GPS and multimedia in environmental and rural development.
  • Natural Resources Services - Nationally recognized non-profit developing and implementing projects which help improve quality and productivity of natural resources in Northern California.
  • Okefenokee Joe's Natural Education Center - Join Joe on a tour of the Okefenokee Swamp for snakes, alligators, plants and other animals of this beautiful wilderness.
  • PlanetKeepers is a bi-monthly web-zine dedicated to projects, ideas and people online who are networking for the health and well-being of life on Earth to meet the needs of the present while still preserving the health and beauty of this planet for future generations.
  • Right of Way - Resource for right of way profession and related fields such as environmental, conservation, and natural resources.
  • SCERP Southwest Center for Environmental Research & Policy - SCERP is a University consortium dedicated to applied environmental research of the US-Mexican border region.
  • Utah State University - College of Natural Resources - Utah State University Forest Resources Department

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