Products and Services

  • Amazon Wilderness School - Tropical hiking, wildlife photography, paddling, and anthropology courses. International Non-profit organization.. Focusing on environmental and cultural awareness, and personal growth.
  • A Music Company for the Rainforests - Adult contemporary music to raise funds for rainforests
  • Calgary Rainforest Action Group is a group of Southern Alberta citizens concerned about global deforestation. Specifically, we are concerned about the alarming rate of destruction of the world's rainforests and boreal forests.
  • Canadian Rainforest Web Site - Help the Sierra Club of British Columbia save the world's largest unprotected temperate rainforest from clearcut logging!
  • CascadiaNet - The ancient forests of Cascadia (Pacific Northwest) are being destroyed. This site is a cybermonitoring network for the Cascadia rainforests.
  • Center for Tropical Forest Science - A program within the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute to promote and coordinate long-term research within tropical forests.
  • Clayoquot Sound Temperate Rainforest - Explore one of the largest coastal temperate rainforests in the world, the endangered Clayoquot Sound.
  • Daintree Rescue Page - A community attempt to get international support for preventing the imposition of a number of environmentally disastrous developments in the World Heritage listed Daintree wet tropical rainforest of far-north Queensland, Australia.
  • Defenders of the Rainforest - An all teen enviromental group, which defends the rainforest through non-violent direct action, protesting, education, letter writing, and boycott campaigns!
  • EarthCulture - EarthCulture's main campaign is stopping the killing in the Amazon for endangered mahogany.
  • Ecologics International - Our purpose is to organize direct-intervention ecology or human interest projects with "real" (achievable) goals.
  • Ecotrust is a private, nonprofit organization established in 1991 to promote conservation-based development, beginning in the temperate rain forests of North America.
  • Ecowarriors - Ecowarriors trying to save the Gabon Rainforest from loggers.
  • Forest Action Network BC - The Forest Action Network is a grassroots organization working to protect the Old Growth Forests in British Columbia
  • Foundation for a Sustainable Suriname - A environmental NGO, protecting Suriname's rainforest
  • Fundación Tierra Nueva - Non Profit Organization in the Republic of Panama to promote sustainable development in the Darien Rainforest
  • Gaia Forest Archives Significant resources concerning Worldwide and Papua New Guinean Efforts to Conserve Forests, Biodiversity and Indigenous Cultures.
  • Good Green Fun!-Children's Music and Rainforest Ecology - Educational activities, ecology questions, web links, sound samples, chords and lyrics to this 1995 Parents' Choice Award-winning recording.
  • International Canopy Network - Research, education, and conservation of forest canopies world-wide
  • Jungle Crusaders International - To preserve the nature and indiginous cultures of the Amazons and other rain forest regions of the world.
  • Los Amigos de Jatun Sacha Inc - Supports the Jatun Sacha Biological Station in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest. Research, conservation, preservation, and educational program need support.
  • Malaysian ForestNet - The Malaysian Forestry Department Homepage
  • Maya Cultural Foundation Home Page - A group dedicated to protecting and preserving Maya Culture in Southern Belize.
  • Money DOES grow on trees! - Rainforest facts and Fundraising with C.A.R.E. (Concern About Rainforests & Environment) program for schools, churches.
  • Papua New Guinea Rainforest Campaign News - large information resource documenting local rainforest, biodiversity & indigenous rights movement
  • Plants as Teachers, Indigenous Wisdom & Rainforest Conservation Strategies - Grupo Yeja presents 2 experiential workshop journeys deep into a threatened Wilderness in the primary Rainforest of the Ecuadorian Amazon
  • Project Green Gene - Project Green Gene, member Border Environmental Commerce Alliance, preserving plant DNA, sells biotech researchkits, seeds, teachingkits.
  • Rainforest Action Group of the Delaware Valley - Fostering rainforest awareness in local schools and sustainable forestry projects in Central America
  • Rainforest Action Network works to protect the Earth's rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action.
  • Rainforest Alliance - The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of tropical forests.
  • The Rainforest in Surinam - Private, aiming at secondary schools and naturalists.
  • Rainforest Page - Alternative to help save the tropical rain forest
  • Rainforest Preservation Foundation - a non-profit organization that purchases and preserves rainforest, then teaches farmers how to live there without destroying it.
  • Rara Avis Rainforest Reserve - Ecotourism at its purest. Costa Rican rainforest gallery, bird list, links and info
  • Save Clayoquot Sound! - Help protect one of the world's largest remaining temperate rainforests from being clearcut by multinational logging companies.
  • Save the Walbran! - Help protect the Walbran Valley of Vancouver Island (Western Canada) from being clearcut and destroyed.
  • Seattle Rainforest Action Group - A community based action group dedicated to the Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration of temperate and Tropical rainforests world wide.
  • The Sustainable Forests Directory - Directory to WWW information covering sustainable forestry issues and organizations.
  • Tongass National Forest - Southeast Alaska Conservation Council is working to protect the Tongass, the largest mostly intact temperate old-growth rainforest ecosystem remaining on Earth.
  • Tropical Rainforest Coalition - Working together to save our last rainforests for our future, for earth, for our children.
  • Walbran Valley Temperate Rainforest - Visit the endangered Walbran Rainforest, on the west coast of Canada. Join the campaign to save this majestic region.

    Marine Forests Society
    P.O. Box 5843
    Balboa Island, CA 92662

    Rain Forest Information Center
    John Seed
    POB 367
    Lismore . NSW 2480

    Rainforest Alliance
    65 Bleecker Street
    New York, NY 10012-2420
    Phone: (212) 677-1900

    Save the Rainforest, Inc.
    604 Jamie St.
    Dodgeville, WI 53533