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  • A Duna Kör honlapja - Danube Circle Home Page - Hungarian NGO for protection of Danube river since 1984
  • American River Natural History Association Home Page - ARNHA is non-profit organization formed to support the Effie Yeaw Nature Center and education pertaining to the natural history of the American River.
  • Association for the Preservation of the Eno River Valley For more than a quarter of a century there has been controversy over the proper use of this river. The Eno River has been threatened by a succession of urban plans for a municipal reservoir, a belt-thoroughfare, a city landfill and a major sewer system. Through 25 years the Eno River Association has battled with some success to protect the Eno and preserve it as a natural river.
  • Cahaba River Society(CRS), Judson Chapter - Organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of the last free-flowing river in the state of Alabama
  • Clearwater Hudson River Sloop - Clearwater conducts environmental education, advocacy programs and celebrations to protect the Hudson River, its tributaries and related bodies of water.
  • The Cuckmere River Project - The Cuckmere Valley Society is a charity aiming to conserve and enhance the ecology, archaeology and historic buildings of the valley
  • Environmental Management Technical Center - The EMTC provides free access to a wide range of Upper Mississippi River System biological, physical, and spatial data.
  • The Falls of Assaroe - An Internet-led campaign to restore an historic salmon leap. Ireland.
  • Friends of the Garcia River - We are a watershed advocacy group in Northern Calif. We have focuses on timber, gravel, agriculture and restoration issues.
  • Friends of the Los Angeles River - FoLAR is working to restore the Los Angeles River in California
  • Friends of the White River - Friends of the White River is an Indiana not-for-profit corporation formed to preserve and protect the White River from its source to its confluence with the Wabash.
  • Glen Canyon Institute - An environmental educational organization dedicated to restoring the Colorado River ecosystem and spectacular Glen Canyon inundated by Lake Powell.
  • Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN) seeks to improve the quality of watersheds and rivers, and thereby the lives of people.
  • Grand River Conservation Authority - The Grand River Conservation Authority manages land and water resources in the Grand River Watershed
  • Greenbrier River Watershed Association - GRWA is an Educational 501c3 Organization dedicated to protecting Improving the watershed and educating the publicinclusive
  • Idaho Rivers United - We work to gain protection for rivers, water quality, riparian areas, watersheds and salmon and steelhead habitat, and stop dams
  • Institute for River Research International - This organization isutilizing alternative strategies to reverse the decline in the decline of world rivers.
  • International Rivers Network - Works to preserve and restore the rivers of the world. Linking human rights and environmental protection, IRN offers technical and financial assistance to local citizens fighting destructive water projects and large dam.
  • Mississippi River Basin Alliance - The Alliance is a coalition that unites over 80 environmental justice organizations and traditional conservation groups around issues impacting the Mississippi River.
  • The Nakdong river is our life - provide environment info, especialy to save The Nakdong river in South Korea.
  • Pacific Rivers Council - Pacific Rivers Council is one of the largest native fish and river conservation organizations in the United States.
  • Parker River Clean Water Association - The PRCWA is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Parker River Watershed located in northeastern Massachusetts
  • Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin - To promote awareness, linkages, stewardship,knowledge and respect for the basin ecosystem and to encourage sustainable use.
  • P-Flood, Floodplain, NFIP and Water - National association of floodplain managers with goal of reducing flood damages and preserving and enhancing natural values of floodplains
  • Raisin Valley Land Trust - The Raisin Valley Land Trust is dedicated to preserving the environment and rural character of the upper River Raisen watershed.
  • River Alliance of Wisconsin - The River Alliance is a statewide river conservation organization.
  • The Rivermouth Action Group Inc - Community based group made up of executive members of many local groups who have come together in an attempt to protect the environment from destruction.
  • Rivers Council of Washington Home Page - The Pacific Northwest's oldest river conservation non-profit advocating the protection of free-flowing rivers for recreation, fisheries, and responsible water use.
  • River Network - River Network helps people organize to protect and restore rivers and watersheds.
  • Riverpage. Northeast Florida's enviro news, events, and information. - Northeast Florida's cooperative for local information about the environment and the St. Johns River watershed.
  • River Resource - A source of links to river sites for classrooms and educators, and a place to connect with other classrooms studying rivers.
  • Riverview Times - Riverview Times' serves the Upper Mississippi River with news, arts, environmental, history and other information.
  • Russell Fork Water Watch - Dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Russell Fork corridor of Kentucky/Virginia.
  • San Lorenzo River Restoration Institute - Action and education to promote restoration of habitat and fisheries in river degraded by urban encroachment and flood control project.
  • Save Our Riverfront Bushland - Local residents' group for protection and rehabilitation of native vegetation along a stretch of Brisbane River in western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Southwest Center for Biological Diversity - Protecting the Southwest's Mountains, Rivers, and Forests
  • Stonycreek, Conemaugh Rivers Improvement Project (SCRIP) involves acid mine drainage & watershed restoration project in Cambria &Somerset Counties of western Pennsylvania USA.
  • Stream Model Science - Site where teachers and students can learn how to build and use a classroom stream model.
  • USGS BRD Environmental Management Technical Center - Long Term Monitoring of the Upper Mississippi River System
  • The Wolf River Conservancy - The Wolf River Conservancy is a non-profit activist group dedicated to the environmental protection of the Wolf River and its floodplains.

    American Canal Society, Inc.
    809 Rathton Rd.
    York, PA 17403

    American River Touring Assoc., Inc.
    Star Route 73
    Groveland, CA 95321

    Friends of the River
    Fort Mason Center
    San Frnacisco, CA 94123

    International Association for Ecology
    c/o Dr. Rebecca Shairitz
    Savanah River Ecology Laboratory
    Aiken, SC 29802

    International Rivers Network
    1847 Berkely Way
    Berkely, CA 94703

    Mississippi River Revival
    P.O. Box 14702
    Minneapolis, MN 55414

    National Organization for River Sports
    P.O. Box 6847
    Colorado Springs, CO 80904

    National Rivers Coalition
    c/o American Rivers
    801 Pennsylvania Ave., SE #400
    Washington, DC 20003

    Northwest Rivers Council
    4516 University Way NE
    Seattle, WA 98105-4511

    River Network
    P.O. Box 8787
    Portland, OR 97207

    Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee
    4469 48th Ave. Court
    Rock Island, IL 61201

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Santa Barbara

Discover the city of Santa Barbara, California, the birthplace of Earth Day. A 1969 oil platform blowout off the coast of Santa Barbara led to a wave of environmental laws nationwide. That gave impetus to what we consider now the cornerstones to the modern environmental movement. A year later, the first Earth Day was held followed by the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. A succession of other laws protecting water, marine life and endangered species followed.