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  • Acro Systems - Manufacture data collection devices for Water Management programs
  • AFCW Environmental Systems & Services - Air & Water Treatment for residential, commercial, agricultural & industrial applications.
  • Aquadoc - Clean and soften your water without harmfull discharges of sodium
  • Aquatic Life - Aquatic Life Ltd. is the Canadian Distributor of Palintest water testing products.
  • Aqua Online - The most complete and easy to use directory of products and services for the water/wastewater industry.
  • Arsenic Removal by Sol-Pur - The Sol~Pur system effectively and reliably removes arsenic in a non-toxic form from well and wastewater and other sources.
  • BOSS International - BOSS International offers state-of-the-art hydraulic, hydrologic, water resources, groundwater, and surface modeling software packages.
  • Ecosmarte Planet Friendly - Ecosmarte Planet Friendly manufactures 100% chlorine and brine-free water technology systems for home,pool,spa and business.
  • Endless Shower water reuse system - More living standard with less energy.It is also the perfect solution for houses without water pipe.
  • Environmental Marketing International - EMI offers a complete line of enviro-friendly products ranging from air/water filtration systems to products dervived from the rain forest.
  • Global Environmental Technologies - G.E.T. manufactures in Europe and America a very unique and efficient countertop water filter. Distributors sought internationally.
  • Global Water - A catalog of Global Water sensors, samplers and systems for environmental monitoring of water and weather. Sensors include flow, level, water quality and weather parameters
  • H2O2.com - Hydrogen Peroxide Online - The definitive resource on Hydrogen Peroxide and related peroxygen chemicals for treatment of water, wastewater, and hazardous wastes.
  • Insignia Range - Manufacturers of steam showers, hydro massage showers and accessories.
  • InterBio - Biological microbe cleaners for a very wide variety of uses, from food service to chemical storage tanks.
  • Longmark Ozone Industries, Inc. - Longmark manufactures the most powerful non-chemical water purifiers available for home, business and industry.
  • Multi-Pure Water Filtration Systems - We have 25 years of experience in the water filtration business. Our water filters are certified by NSF International.
  • Ozonet home page - Complete line of natural purification systems that provide the best quality air and water available today
  • Pond & Lake Management - Aquatic Systems Inc. provide a complete line of equipment and supplies for the pond & lake owner. Our web page covers most pond & lake management issues.
  • Puro Water - We solve water purification problems. We ship the highest rated water filters worldwide.
  • Sigma Pool Systems - Eliminate the use of chlorine in pools and spas. Also used in other water related systems.
  • Sparktec Environmental Inc. - Acoustic technology as a reliable alternative to the potentially hazardous use of chemicals in the commercial and industrial treatment of water.
  • Umbrella Manufacturer - Professional China umbrella manufacturer, we specialize in manufacturing all kinds of custom umbrellas, personalized umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, designer umbrellas, rain umbrellas, printed umbrella, branded umbrellas, design umbrella, patio umbrellas, Chinese umbrellas, golf umbrellas, Kids umbrellas, Lead umbrellas etc.
  • Umbrella Master - Manufactures and exports patio umbrellas, beach umbrellas, rain umbrellas, canopies, shades, and tents.
  • Umbrellas - The Brelli is the perfect luxury eco-friendly umbrella. The BRELLI's transparent canopy provides superior protection from the sun (it provides 99% UVA/UVB/UVC protection), rain and can withstand winds up to 40 mph. Beautiful and functional, the Brelli is a brilliant evolutionary leap forward from the conventional umbrella. It is the ultimate luxury high fashion accessory with responsibility.
  • Water Conditioner - Scale Manager is a water conditioner that is used in the home to help condition and soften water. The unit is discreet and very effective at stopping lime scale build up.
  • Water Management Products - Suppliers of Water and energy mangement products

Clean Harbors

Solving tough problems through innovation and proven methodology. For more than 35 years, Clean Harbors has been providing comprehensive hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services to meet the needs of customers throughout North America. Clean Harbors leverages its specialized equipment, expertise, responsiveness and disposal assets across North America to provide turnkey Industrial and Field Services to our customers. Clean Harbors Oil, Gas and Lodging Services provide safe and effective practices and techniques to handle your oil and gas industry needs.

Global Environmental Services Ltd.

GES, Global Environmental Services Ltd. Is a full-service environmental firm specializing in the integrated water and wastewater management, including waste management, cleaner production and bioremediation, is your first address and single source for all your water and environmental needs. GES, specialized in planning, design, installation of water, waste and wastewater treatment facilities, Swimming pools & Renewable Energy, The company engages in the desalination of seawater and brackish water, natural, conventional and advanced wastewater treatment technologies, biosolids stabilization and effluent reclamation, application of special chemicals for water purification, operation and maintenance of landfills, water and wastewater treatment systems.

Santa Barbara

Discover the city of Santa Barbara, California, the birthplace of Earth Day. A 1969 oil platform blowout off the coast of Santa Barbara led to a wave of environmental laws nationwide. That gave impetus to what we consider now the cornerstones to the modern environmental movement. A year later, the first Earth Day was held followed by the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. A succession of other laws protecting water, marine life and endangered species followed.