• Australian Koala Pages - Did you know the Koala is not a Bear? These pages highlight the plight of this cute creature that is being loved to death!
  • The Bear Den - Detailed information, pictures, etc. on all eight bear species including grizzlies, pandas, polar bears, American black bears and others.
  • The Bearmans Trailside - Trailside offer's weekly updates on the wolf reintroduction, info on both grizzly and black bears and gen. info on Yellowstone park
  • Bear Watch - A group of concerned individuals working together to protect Black Bears in British Columbia.
  • The Cub Den - Information and pictures specifically for young children on all eight bear species including grizzlies, giant pandas and polar bears.
  • Kodiak Wilderness Tours - Alaskan owned company dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Brown Bear habitat through education and wilderness experience.

    Great Bear Foundation
    P.O. Box 2699
    Missoula, MT 59801

    The Grizzley Project
    PO Box 957
    Nelson BC V1L6AS

    Woogaroo Koala Protection Society
    P.O.Box 1088
    Gailes QLD 4300
    Contact: Alan Bryant
    Phone: 61+7+3818-0114
    Fax: 61+7+3818-0377
    E-mail: greyhawk@gil.com.au