• The AquaThought Foundation - The AquaThought Foundation is dedicated to the exploration of human-dolphin interaction.
  • Bay Islands Dolphin Studies - Students and other visitors assist in research projects on Roatan reefs, dolphin studies and interactions, study tropical forests..
  • Brazilian Whale & Marine Wildlife Conservation - IWC/Brasil is a non-profit institution dedicated to study and protect Brazilian wildlife.
  • David's Dolphin Images - Private, non commercial.
  • The Dolphin Circle - This organization exists to increase human awareness of dolphins. Our specific focus is interspecies communication and emotional healing with dolphins.
  • Dolphin Society - The Dolphin Society is an Australian non-profit organisation researching the human-dolphin connection and promoting marine mammal conservation.
  • Dolphin Synergy Virtual Gallery - Inspirational dolphin and nature photography, dolphin swim trips, meditations.
  • Earthtrust - Efficient international dolphin & whale saving organization, plus other species and research
  • European Cetacean Organisation (ECO) - ECO is dedicated to ending the captivity of Whales and Dolphins and their abuse by the dolphinmarium industry.
  • European Cetacean Society - Society for the exchange of information on whale and dolphin research.
  • Fondazione Cetacea - A non-profit organization established in 1988 for the study and safeguard of the marine environment.
  • Hong Kong Dolphinwatch - Hong Kong's pink dolphins (Sousa chinensis): how to see them, how to save them.
  • How To Communicate With Elephants - A scientific research report on sign language communication with Asian elephants.
  • Mandurah Dolphins - Stories about interaction with wild dolphins in Mandurah
  • The Oceania Project - The Oceania Project is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness about Cetacea (Whales and Dolphins) and the Oceans.
  • Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Direct Action conservation organization involved with marine conservaton and preservation. General marine preservation and law enforcement.
  • Sea's Journey Under The Sea - Seeking support for the lives of dolphins and protecting their enviornment

    The Dolphin Project, Inc.
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    Wild Dolphin Project
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