• Alaska Marine Conservation Council - Marine resource users dedicated to the health and diversity of Alaska's marine ecosystem
  • American Fisheries Society is an internation professional and scientific organization of more than 8,500 fisheries managers and aquatic scientists dedicated to to strengthening the fisheries profession, advancing fisheries science, etc.
  • Artificial Reef Index Page From Reef Ball - Reef Ball Artificial Reefs can be used to build fishing reefs, scuba reefs and perform environmental restoration projects. Learn how to build an artificial reef and links to reef related resource.
  • Columbia Basin Research (CBR), University of Washington - A joint effort of scientific research projects investigating issues surrounding salmon biology in the Columbia and Snake River basins.
  • Columbia/Snake River Technical Management Team - Information and graphs of current and historical data representing hydrologic and biological conditions in the Columbia River basin.
  • EnviroStat Home Page - Statistical Consulting for Fish and Wildlife
  • For the Sake of the Salmon - To restore salmon to levels which ensure healthy sustainable natural populations and support productive fisheries
  • Henrys Lake Foundation - The Henrys Lake Foundation is a non-profit sportsmens organization dedicated to improving the Henrys Lake, Idaho fishery and educating fishermen.
  • Idaho Rivers United - We work to gain protection for rivers, water quality, riparian areas, watersheds and salmon and steelhead habitat, and stop dams
  • Institute for Fisheries Resources - Dedicated to protection/recovery of Pacific Coast marine and anadromous fishery resources, affiliated with Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations
  • The Marine Fish Conservation Network - A coalition of 100 conservation and fishing groups working together to reform federal fisheries law.
  • Mote Marine Laboratory is an independent non-profit marine and estuarine research and education facility, working in fields from marine biomedicine to coastal engineering and fisheries science.
  • Pacific Salmon Alliance - The Pacific Salmon Alliance is the largest and broadest Alliance of Environmental, First Nations, industry and community groups concerned with the future of the BC Salmon Fishery
  • Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission - To support policies and actions directed at conservation, development and management of fishery resources of mutual concern to member states.
  • San Lorenzo River Restoration Institute - Action and education to promote restoration of habitat and fisheries in river degraded by urban encroachment and flood control project.
  • Save Our Wild Salmon - A coalition working to restore salmon in the Northwest. Coalition members represent conservation groups, fishing industry and sport fishers.
  • SeaEcology - Marine Environmental and Fisheries Consultants
  • Seymour Salmonid Society - The SSS is a non profit community organization which raises capital and operates various fishery enhancement projects and educational programs
  • Sustainable Fisheries Foundation - Non-profit organization dedicated to the protection, enhancement, and balanced use of fisheries resources.
  • Texas Tech University - Department of Range, Wildlife, & Fisheries Management - Research and education in the fields of range, wildlife and fisheries management
  • Tiburon Fisheries Laboratory - Research at the Tiburon Fisheries Laboratory focuses on marine resources from northern and central California, especially rockfish and salmon.
  • Trout Unlimited - 85,000 conservation-minded anglers working to conserve, protect and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.
  • Trout Unlimited: Northern Virginia Chapter
  • University of Alaksa Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences - The U of A School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate programs in marine and fisheries science.
  • University of Alaska - Sea Grant College Program - University of Alaska research, public information on North Pacific ecosystems, with emphasis on commercial fisheries and marine mammals.
  • World Fisheries Trust - Our site highlights four key programs of WFT. They focus pirmarily on fish genetic conservation, cryopreservation, gene banking and education on salmon stocks.

    Desert Fisheries Council
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    Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute, Inc.
    c/o SC Sea Grant Consortium
    287 Meeting ST.
    Charleston, SC 29401

    Sport Fishery Research Program
    1010 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 320
    Washington, DC 20001