• American Society of Primatologists - ASP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit scientific and educational society that promotes conservation, welfare, and research
  • The Douc Langur Project - The Douc Langur Project conducts extensive surveys of the douc langur in Vietnam.
  • Duke University Primate Center - The Duke Primate Center has the largest collection of lemurs in the world, and is very active in Madagascar conservation.
  • Intl Primate Protection League IPPL works around the world to conserve and protect non-human primates by combatting illegal trade, maintaining a small grant program and assisting rescue centers in several countries.
  • The Marmoset Homepage - AAST
  • Orangutan Foundation International - Nonprofit organization dedicated to studying and preserving orangutans and educating the public about their plight
  • Primate Info Net - Primate Info Net, a service of the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center, is a major linking site for the field of primatology.
  • Yakushima Macaque - We study behavior of Japanese monkey.

    Committee for Conservation and Care of Chimpanzees
    3819 48th St., NW
    Washington, DC 20016

    The Gorilla Foundation
    P.O. Box 620-640
    Woodside, CA 94062-9901

    International Primate Protection League
    P.O. Box 766
    Summerville, SC 29484