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  • Chameleon Conservation Society - Dedicated to preserving chamaeleonidae species through captive breeding programs, and sharing propagation techniques
  • The Chameleon Research Center - The C.R.C. is dedicated to the propagation of all True Chameleon species.
  • Keeping Exotic Pets - Offers tips and advice on keeping a range of reptiles, amphibians and tarantulas.
  • National Geographic Reptiles - National Geographic Kids, animal facts, reptile, snake, lizard, turtle, tortoise, alligator, crocodile, reptiles, alligators, american alligator, crocodiles, american crocodile, nile crocodile, saltwater crocodile, lizards, chameleon, draco lizard, frilled lizard, geckos, gila monster, green basilisk lizard, green iguana, horned toads, iguana, komodo dragon, marine iguana, meller's chameleon, monitor lizards, web-footed gecko, anacondas, black mamba, boa constrictor, burmese python, cobra, eastern coral snake, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, flying snakes, green anaconda, king cobra, python, rattlesnake, tortoises, galápagos tortoise, turtles, alligator snapping turtle, green sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtle, kemp's ridley sea turtle, leatherback sea turtle, olive ridley sea turtle, sea turtle, loggerhead sea turtle
  • Petsmart - Choose from a variety of reptiles for sale including snakes, geckos, turtles and more - our selection of pet reptiles will help you find the perfect companion.
  • Reddit Reptiles - A subreddit for reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate lovers!
  • Reptile Magazine - Reptiles Magazine, your source for reptile and herp care, breeding, and enthusiast articles.
  • San Diego Zoo - What Makes a Reptile? There are four main groups of reptiles: turtles and tortoises; lizards and snakes; crocodiles and alligators; and the tuatara. Many reptiles spend most of their time on land, but some spend a great deal of time in the water. Reptile species can be found in all types of habitat except polar ice and tundra.
  • Wildscreen Arkive - Reptiles are cold-blooded, scaly-skinned vertebrates. Most reptiles reproduce by laying leathery eggs, although many lizards and snakes give birth to live young. Reptiles are often dominant in inhospitable habitats such as deserts, but are completely absent from Antarctica. A third of the world’s reptiles are currently threatened with extinction.

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Discover the city of Santa Barbara, California, the birthplace of Earth Day. A 1969 oil platform blowout off the coast of Santa Barbara led to a wave of environmental laws nationwide. That gave impetus to what we consider now the cornerstones to the modern environmental movement. A year later, the first Earth Day was held followed by the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. A succession of other laws protecting water, marine life and endangered species followed.

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