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The Web Directory is the result of a group of hard working people dedicated to helping others keep in touch and informed online. Our goal is simple - to make it easy for people from around the world to find your web page. We currently have 23 terrific staff members - all dedicated to provide a free service to the online community. I hope you find the Web Directory useful, simple and fun.

Want to submit your site to this directory?
Go to the category of your choice and click Submit Site.

So what the heck is the you see on some of the subdirectories?
It means that it is actually a shortcut to a subdirectory somewhere else in the Web Directory. This is useful organization tool when several categories share a common sub-topic or when we want to help you find an important category that is buried deep in the directory tree. For example the shortcut to Forestry category in the main menu is really a shortcut to the Science:Agriculture:Forestry category.


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